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CaribSea Arag-Alive FL Crushed Coral, 20 lb.


Quick Overview

Arag-alive Live Reef Sand is based from Florida Crushed Coral (coarse), aquarium substrates packed with marine bacteria which will help your biological filtration, avoid new tank syndrome and make your aquarium water closer to the real ocean.

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Caribsea Arag-alive Live Reef Sand Florida Crushed Coral

Live Florida Crushed Coral is part of the CaribSea Aragalive range of live sand. It holds specially selected marine bacteria, engineered to supress new tank syndrome and compress ammonia cycles. Live Florida Crushed Coral is a 2-5.5mm substrate that is in a warm seashell colour.

Arag-alive contain a broad range of natural marine bacteria and enhances your biological filtration by controlling dangerous ammonia levels and reducing nitrates and nitrites. Argalive not only includes the kind of marine bacteria naturally found in the oceans, but additional strains of specially selected beneficial bacterias as well. It helps create a biological balance.

Ideal for:

  1. Berlin systems
  2. Plenum systems
  3. Nitrate reduction beds
  4. Sumps and refugiums
  5. Fish tanks
  6. Reef tanks


Because it adds beneficial bacterias it also makes cycling a new aquarium fasters and safer - reducing the likelihood of new tank syndrome. It is designed to be used in all kinds of marine and reef tanks including fish tanks, nitrate reduction beds and sumps. Live Florida Crushed Coral is a 2-5.5mm substrate that is in a warm seashell colour.

At a glance:

  1. Includes free bio magnet clarifier for clear water
  2. Buffers to a pH of 8.2
  3. Discourages nuisance algae
  4. Helps speed the cure of live rocks
  5. Aids in the growth of corals

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