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Manufacturer of infinite vigor and energy. During her business development in the past 10-odd years, She has consistently perceived the innovative technology and high-quality products as its driving power. The group fully respects its members' ideas, thoughts and their individuality, which has forged its creative and open-minded corporate culture. At present, Hailea is positively engaged in the production,sale and R & D of aquarium equipments, gardening products, industrial pumps, electrics and electronics, tea sets, promoting the development of those industries. HAILEA attaches great importance to the building and maintenance of its brand. With its products well received in the market, its brand is highly recognized. Today, Hailea has expanded its sales network to the whole China and some foreign countries such as Germany and Japan, making its brand known to more and more customers. From the production of its first air compressor on, Hailea has focused on the changes of its customers' demand. Looking back to its history, it was the focus that led the Group to grasp business opportunities, designing and manufacturing new-typed air pumps, immersible pumps, electronics and tea sets. Hailea continues to concentrate on its customers' demands and provide relevant products to satisfy those demands. Meanwhile, Hailea also take the correspondent social responsibilities by adopting environment-friendly and energy-saving technologies, which is one of its operation principles. We thoroughly realize that an unpolluted environment is the fundamental basis for Hailea's business future. Based on this realization, we have designed and introduced environment friendly systems and technologies such as Energy-saving Temperature Memory System, Multi-layers Biochemical Sewage Purifying System, Green FI-free Freezing Technology. In future days, Hailea will go on to take its responsibility of environment protection by making its products reaching the internationally advanced level. Hailea is young and energetic. Having generated remarkable economic returns and social benefits, it is on its way to a greater business success. My group members and I strongly believe that we can create values for the customers with our unbreakable confidence and relentless efforts.

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