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Royal Canin Babycat Milk 300 g

Royal Canin

Quick Overview

Babycat Milk for the nutritional management of: Kittens, from birth to weaning, Orphaned kittens, Insufficient milk from the queen and Large litter size.The micronisation of fats ensures easy dissolution. Perfect milk emulsification produces fat globules which are more easily digested by lipases.Due to its exclusive formulation, the milk powder is immediately rehydrated (in about 5 seconds). The rehydrated milk is perfectly homogeneous and contains no lumps.

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Royal Canin Feline Baby Cat Milk: 1st age kitten, from birth to 2 months.

For large litters, insufficient milk production by the mother, or separation of the kitten from her mother it is essential to provide a milk substitute with properties as close as possible to the female cat's maternal milk.

The milk substitute must: Be adapted to the digestive abilities of the young kitten, which cannot tolerate excess lactose (milk sugar). This is why cows' milk is unsuitable. Have a high energy content to promote fast and regular weight gain (10 g/day). It is a good idea to weigh the kitten every day to check on her growth.

Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk Benefits: 

  1. Special easy weaning; The instantly soluble milk powder is easy to prepare.
  2. Support for vital functions; Thanks to an exclusive combination of nutrients, including taurine, essential fatty acids & vitamins.
  3. Optimal digestive tolerance; Ensured by very high quality proteins, fructo-oligo-saccharides and a low lactose content. 


For steady, harmonious growth, the composition of Babycat milk is as close as possible to queen’s milk, with high energy and protein levels.


Babycat milk contains carefully selected ultra-digestible proteins, and has a lactose content very close to that of maternal milk. It is particularly suitable for the kitten’s digestive system, because it does not contain starch, (kittens don’t secrete enough amylase to digest starch). Finally, the addition of Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS) helps maintain a healthy balance of digestive flora.


Thanks to its exclusive formula, Babycat milk dissolves instantly and completely, with no sediment, creating a totally homogenous formula.


The kitten’s nervous system continues to develop after birth. DHA naturally present in maternal milk helps develop cognitive function, and so Babycat milk is enriched with DHA. 1st age kit included

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