Standard Magnet Cleaner- Flipper

Flipper - Standard Magnet Cleaner

2-in-1 Magnetic Aquarium Scrubber and Scraper

The Flipper Magnetic Cleaner is perfect for tanks that grow coralline algae and other stubborn deposits on the glass or acrylic.

Flipping the cleaner magnetic is a very simple concept working off the polarity of magnets letting you use both sides of the algae scraper. The blade on the Flipper works very well at scraping off the build-up and when you "flip" the magnetic cleaner you have a nice soft felt pad for soft algae build-up and final polishing.

 Simply rotate the outside handle 180° vertically, align with top of inside piece and pieces are magnetically connected again.

  • Soft cleaning pad for daily maintenance
  • Stainless steel blade for glass tanks or ABS blade for acrylic tanks for scraping harder algae
  • Compatible for tanks up to 1/2" thick

 The Flipper Magnetic Cleaner has a soft cleaning pad on one side and a blade on the other side - even better flip the cleaner inside the tank with no wet hands.