Reeflex UV 800 Steriliser - Eheim

Eheim - Reeflex UV 800 Steriliser (E3723 350)

The Eheim Reeflex UV 800 Steriliser  is a highly effective UV clarifier unit for fresh and marine water aquariums from approx. 400 up to 800 litres.

With Eheim Reeflex UV 800 you reduce bacterial loads and eliminate cloudiness of the water better than ever. 


  • Reduces harmful germs and infectious swarms of fish parasites in the water quickly and effectively: Reeflex UV 800= max. Flow rate: 600 l / h
  • Eliminates cloudiness caused by bacteria: Reeflex UV 800= max. Flow rate: 1200 l / h
  • Internal high-gloss aluminum reflects the UV-C light and ensures particularly efficient disinfection
  • Excellent results with little energy consumption (1.8 times better effect than conventional UV clarifiers)
  • No loss of performance because the water is not redirected by a special design
  • Also ideal for breeding tanks, reduces the risk of infection
  • Bound cleaning bacteria in the filter are retained because only floating germs are detected
  • Easy and safe handling and cleaning
  • AUTO-OFF: automatic safety shutdown when changing lamps
  • Easy attachment using the supplied bracket
  • Variable installation, no defined installation position or flow direction

Technical Data:

  • for fresh and marine water from 400 up to 800 litres
  • through flow 600-1200 l/h
  • pressure max. 0.80 bar
  • power consumption 230V/50 Hz 11 W
  • hose connection: 16/22 mm
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth) 106 x 523 x 149 mm