Have you ever shifted from one place to another? – How tedious task it was to gather all your essentials, luxuries and even collectables too. In case you missed out on anything out of it, you felt uncomplete until getting another one. Aquarium Relocation is similarly this much meaningful to your fish and other aquatic lives.

So, to get it over the line you need experts studded with all the right tools and experiences. And the most important of all, they should have a clear strategy which does no harm to your livestock and their habitat.

BPK is one tried-and-tested Aquarium Mover to get it all done with extreme diligence. Our adept professionals believe to make this relocation easy on your aquatic animals as they never belief rushing for it. The proper evaluation for Aquarium’s designated place is being made in the first place and then the transportation plan is executed accordingly.

BPK Aquarium Relocation 5 Essential Steps

  1. Inspect the site prior shifting.
  2. Propose the steps and procedures to you.
  3. Shifting Aquarium with the help of proper gears and equipment.
  4. Major Service all the equipment. Deep clean the filtration
  5. Re-introduce the livestock.

We at BPK Do it with Care and Love!!!

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