AquaCristal UV-C 11W - JBL

JBL - AquaCristal UV-C 11W

The JBL AquaCristal UV-C 11W quickly transforms cloudy water into crystal-clear healthy water for fishes.

JBL AquaCristal UV-C water clarifier for the quick and efficient elimination of greenish and whitish cloudiness in aquariums

White cloudiness is caused by increased bacteria and germs. UV light is an effective killer of germs and bacteria. JBL AquaCristal UV-C water clarifier uses the special ultra-violet C rays to target only those disease-causing bacteria and germs.


  • Kills the bad bacteria and germs in water
  • Removes cloudiness in water
  • Eliminates floating algae, bacteria, fungus and spores floating in the water
  • Reduces germ pollution
  • Crystal-clear and healthy water
  • Space-saving assembly: connection to external filter. Inlet and outlet on the same side
  • Germ-killing UV-C radiation of 255 nm, reduces risk of infection, no change of water values, no effect on cleansing bacteria in the filter
  • TUV tested, safety switch: UV-C burner switches off automatically when the device is opened. Sturdy, UV-resistant casing: 4 mm PE reinforced walls
  • Safe for the flora and fauna of the aquarium
  • Suitable for aquarium (fresh and saltwater) and ponds.

Package contents: water clarifier for aquariums, AquaCristal UV-C, cable length: 2 m supply cable to ballast unit, 5 m from ballast to UV-C unit.