RADION® G6 LED LIGHTING EcoTech is proud to introduce the Radion G6. The G6 furthers the success of...
TK-9000: For large systems & aquariums up to 1850 gallons The new TANK® chiller line is the next...
Bubbble Magus - Filter Sock Holder
Bubbble Magus - Filter Sock  Holder 4" & 7"   Introducing the Bubble Magus Filter Sock Holder, available...
Bubble Magus -  Replacement Roll
Dhs. 42.70Dhs. 37.70
Introducing the Bubble Magus Automatic Fleece Filter Replacement Roll, an essential accessory for your filtration system to maintain...
Bubble Magus - Dosing Containers
Dhs. 150.00Dhs. 142.90
The must have balling accessory. These vessels have been specifically designed for use in the balling method of...
Bubble Magus- Dosing Tube Holder Bracket
Dhs. 70.00Dhs. 59.60
A well-built acrylic bracket designed to hold the tubes of the Bubble Magus Dosing Pump or any other...
Bubble Magus - Kalkwasser Reactor / Stirrer KA-100
Dhs. 1,234.60Dhs. 1,034.60
Bubble Magus - Kalkwasser Reactor / Stirrer KA-100 Introducing the Bubble Magus KA100 Kalkwasser Stirrer - The Ultimate...
Bubble Magus - Calcium Reactor CR200
Dhs. 1,840.00Dhs. 1,640.80
Introducing the Bubble Magus CR200WP Calcium Reactor - Your Ultimate Aquarium Solution! The Bubble Magus CR200WP Calcium Reactor...
Bubble Magus - Mini Reactor with Pump Bubble Magus Mini 70 Media Reactor The Bubble Magus Mini 70...
Dhs. 2,000.00
Dhs. 16,450.00
Dhs. 43.80 Dhs. 38.80
Dhs. 42.70 Dhs. 37.70
Dhs. 150.00 Dhs. 142.90
Dhs. 70.00 Dhs. 59.60
Dhs. 1,234.60 Dhs. 1,034.60
Dhs. 1,840.00 Dhs. 1,640.80
Dhs. 262.60