CATHOUSE Cat House Condo With Stairs - FOUFOU

Dhs. 795.00


Made of Negative Ion Planks – purifies air of various allergens and increases the serotonin – the happy hormone!

Modern, Minimalist and Stylish

Skillful and Elegant Craftsmanship

Sturdy High-quality Materials

Easy Assembly and Dismantling


Convenient Cleanup and Storage

Made for Cats, Designed by Cat Lovers

Give your old cathouse an upgrade with our FOUFOU Cathouse model.

The arrangement options are limitless it will make your posh pet feel he has a new house every time! Stairs and house can be set in different positions so your fussy pet will never get tired and bored of the same looking house.

Lots of spaces to snooze and play in, lots of hidden corners to explore! The cute cutouts make for an interactive play too, with his fellow felines and with his human ‘slave’.

This nifty box can be used in a multitude of ways – a litter box inside, a cat bed or a scratch post on the roof, and food station by the stairs (ergonomic eating – Yes!).