Coral Box - DCA 2000 Return Pump


  • DC Pump 24V Safetly
  • From 900L to 2000L
  • Controller Feed Mode
  • DCA Pump will not damage motor


✔️ High performance motor with innovation electronics, and energy savig up to 50% than before.
✔️ IC Electronic Detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water
✔️ Motor Protection if rotor is blocked
✔️Motor Protection if rotor is blocked
✔️ Can operate in Marine and Fresh Water
✔️ No Copper components , safety on your tank!
✔️ With Wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft, longer operation life
✔️ 10 Mins Feed Model(Or Pause to resume to normal)
✔️ Internal Use Only! DC Pump do not suppose for External Use
✔️ Sensor Function
✔️ 10/ 30 /50 Mins Feed Time
✔️ Auto Drop 2 Step for Feed Mode within 1 hours to avoid overflow function
✔️ DCA2000 Latest Pump