Nemprotect - Suit Vortect Mp60wqd

Dhs. 284.76

With the recent influx of 3D printed products hitting the market, there have been a handful of innovative products. The new NemProtect stands out as a really great answer to the needs of anemone keepers everywhere. Flow is a critical element in reef and anemone tanks, but powerheads pose a serious risk to wandering anemones. Not only can a powerhead destroy a prized anemone, but the result can threaten the entire tank if not caught immediately. 



  • Wider, gentler intake flow
  • Reduced flow loss
  • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance

Diameter at base: 5 inches
Diameter at output: 4 inches
Protrusion from glass: 3.55 inches
Material: 3D printed from reef-safe PETG plastic 

What’s Included?1x NemProtect anemone guard for MP60wQD