Aquarium Auto Top Off (ATO) System - A100 - Coral Box

ATO / Auto Top Off with Optical Sensor - Coral Box A100

The Coral Box A100 is a reliable Auto Top Off system for your aquarium that uses a patented optical sensor to control the water level and a floating sensor to trigger an alarm in case the water height in the sump exceeds the operating limit.


  • Can be safely used in Marine or Freshwater Aquariums.
  • Patented Optical Sensor with an angled reflector that monitors the water level in real-time.
  • Not affected by water movement or splashing in sump.
  • A stable covered floating sensor triggers an alarm to stop the pump if water height exceeds the operating level.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Extra Strong Silicone Suction Cups 
  • Power : 110V to 240V 50Hz DC12V 150Litres DC Pump
  • 2M Clear Tubing
  • Optical and Floating Sensor included with 120cm Long cable
  • Pump Cable Length - 140cm