Activated Carbon - Triton

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Triton - Activated Carbon

The Triton Reagents Activated Carbon is recommended with many different systems of reef keeping and allow it to absorb pollutants, along with other odor and color causing impurities in the water column.

The high-grade carbon has a very low dust content and rinses quickly.


Triton Activated Carbon should be rinsed in RODI water before use to remove any fines and loose particles before use. Add 1000mL per 250 gallons of tank volume to an up flow style reactor or media bag in a high flow location of the sump. In a reactor, the carbon should not be allowed to tumble or move.  Carbon should be removed and replaced every 4-6 weeks or as necessary.

Carbon on average has a lifespan of 2-4 weeks and depending on the number of impurities being removed. If you notice discoloration of the water or any odors, that is a good sign that your carbon is exhausted and should be changed. We recommend changing carbon before any discoloration or odor is observed.