Advance Reef Sump ADV 200 - Eshopps

Dhs. 1,750.00

Eshopps  - ADV 200 Reef Sump (500-900L) - Advance Sump Kit

The Eshopps ADV-200 Advance Reef Sump Kit has a large space for a skimmer, space for a refugium, and the 3rd compartment for extra filtration using bio-balls or matrix.

The Advance Series is designed for the serious hobbyist with a very unique three water channel design and also features a third compartment that allows hobbyists to add bio-balls or matrix to their system for additional filtration.

The unique Eshopps Channel Design (ECD, Patent Pending) enables us to fit three independent compartments into one compact size sump while providing enough space for each compartment.


  • Eshopps Channel Design (ECD, Patent Pending)
  • Unique Three Water Channels
  • Large Skimmer Compartment & Viewable Refugium in Front
  • Built-in Probe Holder & Float Valve
  • Removable shelf
  • Quiet Operation


  • 125-225 gal (500-900 L)
  • Dimensions: 762 x 356 x 406mm