Jelly with Tuna Cat Food - Almo Nature

Almo Nature - Jelly with Tuna Cat Food 

Almo Nature Jelly with Tuna recipes is prepared with carefully sourced ingredients, free from chemical additives, preservatives, palatants or colorants. Recipes are prepared with carefully sourced meat or fish and derivatives, making each meal easy for your cat to digest.

  • HFC quality – ingredients used originally fit for human consumption
  • Naturally high source of essential taurine, vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for cats who need a little extra nutrients in their diets such as indoor cats and older cats
  • Ideal for cats that do not eat much dry food
  • Delicious taste pleases the fussiest of cats
  • No artificial additives, colorants or synthetic vitamins
  • Convenient single serving pouch is one meal