Apex Aquarium Controller System with Base Unit Set - Neptune Systems

Dhs. 3,310.00

Neptune Systems - Apex Aquarium Controller System with Base Unit Set

The Neptune Systems Apex Wi-Fi Controller combines hardware control and monitoring with Apex Fusion.

Apex Fusion is a cloud-based software that communicates with your aquarium hardware through the Apex Controller. Apex Fusion monitors and automatically regulates the most important parameters in your reef tank including pH, ORP, salinity, lighting, pumps and more.

The Apex Wi-Fi Controller is a modular system capable of many customizable monitoring and control tasks. 

What's inside the box:

  • Apex System
  • EB6 Universal
  • Long Life Temperature Probe
  • Lab Grade Salinity Probe
  • Double Junction Lab grade pH probe
  • Double Junction Lab grade ORP Probe
  • 6' AquaBus Cable
  • Calibration Solutions
  • Mounting Screws