International, SL 200 Watt, 3", 1/Lamp, Wiper, 240V/50Hz - Aqua UV

Dhs. 8,999.00

Aqua UV - International, SL 200 Watt, 3", 1/Lamp, Wiper, 240V/50Hz

The Aqua UV - International, SL 200 watt is designed for maximum performance, power, and reliability.

The International, SL 200 watt are perfect for both experienced and non-experienced end users, for both residential and commercial UV water treatment. UV Sterilization is versatile technology used for disinfecting water, other opaque liquids, hard surfaces and air. 

UV Sterilization is a purely physical process so it doesn’t alter water’s chemistry, taste, smell or pH.

The SL 200 watt is compact and lightweight ideal for large ponds, aquariums, and water features. SL 200 watt units are lightweight units designed for maximum UV effectiveness, and offer a hybrid mix between having a needing something bigger than a Classic and smaller than a Viper Series.

SL 200 watt are engineered to accommodate high flow rates and varying water temperatures. The single chamber design is easy to handle, install and maintain.Aqua Ultraviolet UV's will clear your water in 3 to 5 days sometimes overnight and keep it that way. 

  • Fresh Water Sterilizer: 17,000-22,000 gallons; Flowrate - 9200 gph for 30,000 µw/cm2
  • Fresh Water Clarifier: up to 30,000 gallons
  • Salt Water Sterilizer: up to 1800 gallons; Flowrate - 3066 gph for 90,000 µw/cm2