Stone Fix - Aquaforest

Aquaforest - Stone Fix (1500g)

Aquaforest Stone Fix is a quickly bonding, cement-based glue for connecting large elements of live or ceramic rock.

Stone Fix does not contain toxic compounds, which makes it perfectly safe for fish and invertebrates.

How to use: 

Mix a small amount of adhesive with water until you have a homogeneous, mouldable consistency and immediately begin sticking the elements together. We recommend doing this with the pieces dry.

 If you need to glue them underwater, switch off all flow and circulation pumps first, stick the individual parts together and leave to set for around 15 minutes. A temporary cloudiness of the water is not harmful. In occupied tanks, we recommend gluing no more than 2-3 parts per day, as the residue can easily increase the pH value in the aquarium.