AquaReef 400 S2 Marine Set - Aquarium + Cabinet (130W x 52D x 76H + 80H cm) - Aqua One

Dhs. 11,673.00

Aqua One - AquaReef 400 S2 Marine Set - Aquarium + Cabinet

The Aqua One AquaReef 400 S2 Marine Set Series 2 is a sophisticated marine system that has been rigorously designed and tested to ensure that your marine setup will run efficiently, and provide you with exceptional water quality.

Features & Benefits:

  • New features compared to AquaReef Series 1:
    1st Series has a wet/dry filter and T5 Lighting
    2nd Series has a versatile refugium sump and LED Lighting
  • High-quality low iron white glass to ensure optimum clarity.
  • Inbuilt filtration system eliminates unsightly piping running from outside of tank to filter unit. Comes with an Aqua One Filter Sock.
  • The included LED light unit provides an energy-efficient lighting solution, which enhances the colours of fish in the aquarium, whilst providing a spectrum that enhances coral growth.
  • Cabinet comes assembled, and is exclusively manufactured from alloy frame and plastics, to ensure maximum resistance to salt and moisture damage normally associated with marine aquariums.
  • Sump incorporates refugium section and top up reservoir.
  • All plumbing is included

Replacement Parts / Media:

  • 25017I - Impeller Set - 3600 Series 17i (Moray)
  • 50103 - Replacement Filter Sock


  • Aquarium Dimension:130W x 52D x 76H cm
  • Volume  (L): 400
  • Lighting: 95W LED
  • Filtration: Sump Filter
  • Flow Rate: 3600L/ hr
  • Voltage: 220 ~ 240V AC
  • Heating: Glass Heater
  • Power: 2 x 300W
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 130W x 52D x 80Hcm

Suitable for: Marine and Freshwater