Aquarium Chiller TK-150 - Teco

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Teco - Aquarium Chiller TK-150

Teco TK-150 is an internationally-recognized manufacturer of high-end compressors and titanium coaxial heat exchangers.

Teco aquarium chillers are popular among serious aquarium keepers because every Teco chiller delivers consistent chilling performance, is energy efficient, and operates at low noise levels for its rated power.

Digital Thermostat
The Teco chiller comes integrated with an intuitive controller that accurately detects temperature from 32 to 95 deg F (0 to 35 deg C). It has a closed-loop temperature control system with an extremely tight differential of 1 deg F (-17 deg C). Easily switch between deg F or deg C. Audible alarms for certain situations.

Aquarium Size Up to 60 gallons
Horsepower 1/8 HP
Maximum Pressure 7.25 psi
Minimum Flow Rate 132 gallons per hour
Exchanger Titanium
Supply 120v-60Hz
Power Consumption 160 Watts
Minimum Set Point 41°F
Weight 25.4 pounds (11.5 kg)
Dimensions 14.21" x 8.46" x 12.4"
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