Aquatics Feeding Pipette - DVH

DVH - Aquatics Feeding Pipette

The Aquatics Feeding Pipette is an affordable multi-use feeding and cleaning pipette.


  • Easy to take apart
  • Easy to clean
  • With an inner diameter of 5mm
  • Capable of dosing larger particles than most feeding pipettes on the market

The Feeding Pipette tip is made from food-grade silicone rubber suitable for (reef) aquarium use. The end of the tip has an opening of 1mm. The inside of the tip is tapered which makes it easy to enlarge the hole by cutting a piece off for your personal needs.

The ball is made from rubber with soft top control. The soft top control need to be operated from the top with your thumb. By using your thumb, you are able to control your dosing much better compared to standard balls which are operated by squeezing from the sides.