AquaVogue 170 Aquarium (100W x 42D x 50H cm) - Aqua One

Dhs. 3,864.00

Aqua One - AquaVogue 170 Aquarium

Aqua One AquaVogue 170 Aquarium features state of the art LED lighting, with white, RGB, and blue night light LEDs and equipped with powerful Ocellaris 850 External filter to ensure perfect water quality and easy maintenance.


  • Modern design and excellent build quality.
  • Full-spectrum LED lighting featuring a touch control switch with a built-in digital timer.
  • Blue moon night light feature.


  • Volume In Litres: 170
  • Dimensions: 100W x 42D x 50H cm
  • Glass Thickness: 8mm
  • Heater: 200W
  • Lighting: LED
  • Filtration: External Filter Pack (Ocellaris 850 & 200W heater) or Internal Filter Pack (104F Maxi & 200W heater)

*Aquarium Only - Cabinet Sold Separately