Astrea Snail

Dhs. 10.00

First of all, Astrea Snail care is relatively easy, making it a good snail for beginners. Second, these snails are well known for their hardiness and love for algae.

Name Astrea snail
Other Names
Topshell snail, Trochus shell, Star snail, Conehead snail
Scientific Name Lithopoma tectum (Synonymised names: Astraea tecta, Trochus tectus)
Tank size (minimum) 5 gallons (~20 liters)
Keeping Easy
Breeding Medium   
Size (carapace) up to 6 cm (~2.4 inches)
Optimal Temperature 22 – 24°C  (~71°F – 75°F)
Water type SG = 1.021 – 1.026
Optimal PH 8.1 – 8.4
Optimal KH 7 – 12
Nitrate Less than 20 ppm
Diet Herbivorous
Temperament Peaceful
Life span up to 5 years
Color Form Reddish-orange to creamy-white coloration