Automatic Feeding System (AFS) - Neptune Systems

Dhs. 580.00

Neptune Systems - Automatic Feeding System (AFS)

Automatic Feeding System (AFS) automates your feedings to fish consistently, and safely, while home or away, the AFS can feed your tank inhabitants once a day or multiple times a day. 


  • Stay dry system - keeps food dry to avoid clumping
  • Works with pellet or flake fish and coral food
  • Build complex feeding routines
  • Compatible with Apex, ApexEL, and other Apex Aquarium Controllers


  • Dimensions: 6.25" (accounting for AquaBus plug) x 3" x 3.75"
  • Holds up to 100mL of most pellet and flake foods

What's in the Box

  • AFS System
  • Adjustable clips that extend to almost 2"
  • Hook and loop tape
  • 15 Ft AquaBus Cable
  • Sample of Neptune Crossover Diet Pellet Fish Food