Balling Salts Biopolymer Kh - Carbonate Mix - Fauna Marin

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Fauna Marin - Balling Salts Biopolymer Kh - Carbonate Mix

Fauna Marin Balling Salts Biopolymer Kh - carbonate Mix for perfect results in calcification. Carbonate Mix is suitable for the Balling light method.

We recommend maintaining a Alkalinity value between 6.5 – 8 dkH.
Test regularly with the highly accurate Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest Kit KH.

Add the necessary amount of Carbonoate-Mix to a well flowed area in the technical pool.

Start by adding magnesium, then calcium and carbonate. There should be an interval of approx. 10 minutes between the dosages.


Calculate the correct dosage with the Aquacalculator:

At you will find a suitable Balling-Light online calculator for calculating the correct dosage quantities.

This online tool is the only one with which the original Balling Light recipe is stored. Other calculators calculate the Balling Light method on the basis of the classic recipe and thus incorrectly.

Dosage of the Balling Light Solutions ca.:

  •     ALK/KH 10ml/100 litres + 0.5 dkH
  •     CA 10 ml/100 litres + 18 mg / litre
  •     MG 10 ml/100 litres + 5 mg / litre

If you have the desire or need for an additional dosage of elements (color games), use the Color Element series. With these additional elements you can clearly strengthen the colors of your corals and stimulate growth.

Size: 2kg