Battery PowerCell For Backup Jebao Pump / DC Pump - Coral Box

Dhs. 571.00

Coral Box - Battery PowerCell for Backup Jebao Pump / DC Pump

The Battery PowerCell is an excellent power Backup for your pump for an un-expected electricity problem ( power failure, storm etc..).


  • Easy to use power Backup for your pump/ wavemaker during emergency.
  • Protect your asset ( Expensive Fishes/ Corals ) 
  • Keep for your tank pump / Wave maker in operation to avoid any fish or coral casualty Up to 48 hours **
  • Auto Switch on to backup Power Battery Cell in the event of power disruption/power failure  *
  • Auto switch to a constant Power supply, Provides stable electricity to keep pump longer lifetime
  • Provides best lifetime for the pump operation than another non factory develop battery


  • 110V to 240V Voltage 50/60hz
  • Size : 15x 11 x 7cm