CaniComfort Dog Calming Spray - Beaphar

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Beaphar - CaniComfort Dog Calming Spray

The Beaphar CaniComfort Calming Spray is a simple and effective solution to reducing problem behaviour in dogs such as barking, furniture destruction, urinary marking, excessive licking, and scratching, or general feelings of anxiety.

Perfect for use anywhere around the home and can be sprayed directly onto your dog's bedding to help them feel settled and preventing destructive behaviour or in dog crates and the car to help keep dogs stress-free while traveling.

Help to promote feelings of reassurance in dogs and reduce general anxiety caused by everyday stresses around the home. 

Help the dogs to settle quickly into their new routine.

Ideal for everyday use, during events such as fireworks or parties, and is especially useful in dog crates during stressful travel or trips to the vet or kennels.


  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Effective for up to 5 hours
  • Suitable for use around the home, in dog crates and the car
  • Travel size, ideal for use on the go