Bubble Magus - B12 Curve Large Protien Skimmer (3000-4000ltr.)

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Bubble Magus - B12 Curve Large Protien Skimmer (3000-4000ltr.)

Bubble Magus B12 is a protein skimmer designed for use in saltwater aquariums. The B12 model is part of the Bubble Magus Curve Elite series and is capable of removing organic waste and other contaminants from the aquarium water, which helps to maintain a healthy and stable environment for fish and other marine life.

The B12 protein skimmer has a compact design that allows it to fit easily into most sumps. It is constructed from high-quality acrylic and features a needle-wheel impeller that produces fine bubbles to maximize the skimming process. The skimmer also includes a controller that allows the user to adjust the water level and the speed of the impeller to fine-tune the skimming process.

Overall, the Bubble Magus B12 is a reliable and efficient protein skimmer that is popular among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts.

Bubble Magus B12 Features:

  • Wine glass body
  • High-quality cast cell acrylic housing
  • Space saving design
  • Hybrid AC pump
  • Dry-running protection
  • Gear output port to minimize microbubbles
  • Collector for quick release and skimmer body for trouble-free maintenance.

Bubble Magus B12 Specifications:

  • Maximum tank capacity: 1057G
  • Pump: ROCK - SP10000
  • Pump power: 70W, 220V / 110V
  • Dimensions: 35L x 40.01 W x 62.51H
  • Recommended water level: 8 "(approximately 20.32 cm)
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