Bubble Magus - Float Valve

Dhs. 150.00 Dhs. 100.00

Introducing the Bubble Magus Float Valve - Your Ultimate Flooding Prevention Solution for Reverse Osmosis Systems!

The Bubble Magus Float Valve is a convenient and user-friendly addition to your Reverse Osmosis system, designed to safeguard against potential flooding incidents. With a simple setup and efficient functionality, this float valve ensures peace of mind and worry-free operation.

This Bubble Magus Float Valve is a simple and easy to use flooding prevention component for your Reverse Osmosis system. The valve which comes with holding mount and pipe together with full instruction for assembly, can be used on a glass thickness of 14mm.

The Bubble Magus Float valve is made from acrylic plastic with a white finish and comes with a 2 meter pvc pipe. The small compact float valve allows you to place it in tight locations and can also be either hung outside of a sump or attached through a drill hole

Key Features:

  1. Hassle-Free Installation: The Bubble Magus Float Valve comes with a holding mount and pipe, along with clear assembly instructions, making it easy to set up and integrate with your existing Reverse Osmosis system.

  2. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for various Reverse Osmosis Systems, this float valve seamlessly complements your setup, regardless of its size or configuration.

  3. Compact and Flexible: Crafted from durable acrylic plastic with a sleek white finish, the float valve's small and compact design allows you to place it in tight locations. It can be conveniently hung outside of a sump or securely attached through a drill hole.

  4. Reliable Flood Prevention: Once the float is elevated, the float valve effectively shuts down your reverse osmosis system, preventing the risk of flooding and potential water damage.

Enjoy the benefits of worry-free reverse osmosis filtration with the Bubble Magus Float Valve. Say goodbye to water leakage concerns and safeguard your floor from unwanted spills.

Upgrade your reverse osmosis system with the Bubble Magus Float Valve today and experience the convenience of efficient flooding prevention in a sleek, user-friendly design!