Bubble Magus - Nitrate Reactor N120 WP

Dhs. 927.50


BUBBLE MAGUS N120-WP is a biological denitrator specially designed for an aquarium up to 500 L. It measures 20 x 14 x 47 cm high and is equipped with a Rock WP1000 pump consuming 20W.

The operating principle is simple, the BUBBLE MAGUS N120-WP denitrator uses a large quantity of bioballs as a bacteria support. When the bacteria colonize the support, they will take care of eliminating the nitrates present in the water. The pump manages the circulation of water in the denitrator. The pipes supplied with it are thin because the water flow must be slow for maximum efficiency.

The BUBBLE MAGUS N120-WP can be used in both freshwater and seawater aquariums. It can be installed internally or externally.

  • Model : N120WP
  • Pump : WP1000 .
  • Power : 220V/110V, 20W
  • Capacity: 500L aquarium
  • Size : 200*140*470MM