Calcium Reactor - CR-Series - Reef Octopus

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Reef Octopus - Calcium Reactor - CR-Series 

The Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor Skimmer is a very important equipment for Marine Aquarium. Skimmer takes away excess protein in water, Bio Pellet Reactor takes care the No3 and Po4, while CR is supplying Active Ca and Mg to the water, which in turn buffer the PH and KH in the tank. 

In Marine Aquarium Tank, Macroelements of Ca and Mg are easily consumed and depreciated. Calcium Reactor is commonly used to solve the problem. DryCoral Sand and Magnesium Rock are mixed inside the Calcium Reactor Chamber (It’s about 90-85% Coral Sand and 10-15% Magnesium Rock mixed). Calcium Reactor then CO2 is then injected into the Reactor to react with the medias to produce Ca and Mg.

There is also another very important value when the tank is used with Calcium Reactor, that is the dkh. Calcium Reactor raises the dkh value to the desired level (in general, about 10-13dkh for coral reef tanks)

Calcium Reactor must be used together with timer. The power of PH controller is switched off during night time,and only working at day time from 8:00am to 7:00pm.When PH controller has no power,it will not add CO2 to the CR, and no reaction is done in the Calcium Reactor. This process is necessary to buffer the PH value during the night.