Carb L - Permanent Activated Carbon - Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin - Carb L - Permanent Activated Carbon

Carb L is a permanent activated carbon for long-term use in reef aquariums. Highly pure, steam-activated, washed high-active filter carbon made from the best raw material for coal lignin.

It is used for the effective removal of yellow matter, cloudiness, and harmful nettle poisons to maintain and keep your aquarium systems clean. 

Carb L is extremely low in phosphate and highly effective in its binding capacity and suitable for continuous use.

Carb L is ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums and cleans the water without being too aggressive and changing the PH too much.

Constant filtering using Carb L (high-purity activated pellet coal) is a cornerstone of the Zeo-Light system.
Carb L is used as "permanent coal" and is suitable for the care of sensitive SPS and LPS corals.
Dosage and application
  • 1 L (500 g) per 1000 L (260 US gal lqd) aquarium water if applied in a flow-through filter unit (flow rate max. 200 L ( (52 US gal lqd) /h).
  • 2 L (approx. 1000 g) per 1000 Liter (260 US gal lqd) aquarium water if applied in a filter bag.
Exchange interval
Change the coal every 3-4 weeks, always alternating with the fortnightly change of zeolite.
Preparation before use
Pour hot water over 1 day before use and leave to rest for 24 hours.
Volume: 500 ml