Catnip Johnny Stick - GiGwi

GiGwi - Catnip Johnny Stick 

GiGwi Johnny Stick Cat toy is made from a unique combination of natural feather and catnip. Watch your kitty tosses, flips, kicks, and enjoys hours of playtime with GiGwi Johnny Stick.  

Catnip is a natural, non-addictive herb that encourages playful behaviour.


  • Unique combination of Catnip & Feather
  • Stimulate playful behavior
  • Watch your kitty tosses, flips, kicks
  • and enjoy it’s GiGwi Johnny Stick catnip toy.

Promotes healthy exercise and fulfills a cat's instinctual desire to chase, hunt, and capture. It gives your cat fun and excitement allowing them to play independently when you are not around.