CATZONE Cat House Stairs - MURPHY

Dhs. 450.00


Made of Negative Ion Planks – purifies air of various allergens and increases the serotonin – the happy hormone!

Modern, Minimalist and Stylish

Skillful and Elegant Craftsmanship

Sturdy High-quality Materials

Easy Assembly and Dismantling


Convenient Cleanup and Storage

Made for Cats, Designed by Cat Lovers

If you have to pick your first ever beautiful and functional piece of cat furniture, MURPHY would be it.

It’s a cat house with a plethora of uses!

You will be amazed at how this nifty piece of art can serve as different furniture. Your fussy feline can use it as a cat cave and a cat perch while humans can double it as a book shelf, a planter, or a spot to put your favorite cat snapshots on! Cat shrine, anyone?

The stairs greatly help senior cats get on higher areas such as the bed, ledge, or couch with ease. The elevated feature also makes this an ideal place to place food bowls on. Ergonomic eating, yes please!

It’s definitely the go-to item for cat owners who wish to maximize a small space yet wanting to give their furry friend the highest level of satisfaction!