CATZONE Cat House Tower Fortress - MISSY

Dhs. 599.00


Made of Negative Ion Planks – purifies air of various allergens and increases the serotonin – the happy hormone!

Modern, Minimalist and Stylish

Skillful and Elegant Craftsmanship

Sturdy High-quality Materials

Easy Assembly and Dismantling


Convenient Cleanup and Storage

Made for Cats, Designed by Cat Lovers

How to please multiple cats in one shot?

That’s how MISSY came into fruition!

The PURR-fect cat furniture in  a house abundant with love of many cats. Avoid the messy situation of cats pawing at each other brought by crammed space. This multilevel tower can accommodate at least 3 cats at once!

Felines have now the option to lounge ‘outdoors’ to watch some bird action by the window or have a peace and quiet ‘indoors’ to take the most needed nap. Your fussy felines can now have the best of both worlds – retreat in the bottom or middle level cave or lounge in the rooftop balcony.

The unit comes with fun geometrical holes as a ventilation, a climbing support, and an added window aesthetics. The balcony simulation provides the elevation fix for felines who like it high.

It’s definitely a wonderful fusion of beauty and functionality!