CatZone - Cat House Whimsical Fairy House - SOPHIE

Dhs. 350.00


Made of Negative Ion Planks – purifies air of various allergens and increases the serotonin – the happy hormone!

Modern, Minimalist and Stylish

Skillful and Elegant Craftsmanship

Sturdy High-quality Materials

Easy Assembly and Dismantling


Convenient Cleanup and Storage

Made for Cats, Designed by Cat Lovers

Invoke your feline’s curiosity and adventure with our SOPHIE cathouse!

Give them a kitty fairytale experience once they set foot inside this adorable whimsically designed structure that replicates a cute cottage in the woods.

The geometrical cutouts make for a fun activity among your cats and provide a bonding interaction for you with your beloved pet with an endless game of whack a mole.

Add a plush bed and set fairy lights around and inside the cathouse for an extra magical factor. Place the cathouse in your garden to simulate that ‘forbidden forest’ scene too!

This is definitely a beautiful piece of furniture that you and your pet will love!