Cermedia Sphere - Aquarium BioFilter Media Sphere - Marine Pure

Marine Pure - Cermedia Sphere - Aquarium BioFilter Media Sphere

The MarinePure CerMedia Sphere is designed for Ammonia & Nitrite Removal under high flow.

  • Better value due to high performance
  • Reduced tank maintenance
  • Allows for higher fish loads
  • Can use a smaller filtration footprint
  • More consistent water chemistry
  • A deep pore structure will allow the development of low oxygen zones, which will help with the control of nitrates.
  • Inert and will not harm aquarium inhabitants.

One MarinePure Sphere has the same surface area as 1,350 plastic 1.5" bio-balls.

Can be used in canister filters, sumps & wet/dry filters.

Size: Sphere - 2 QT

For Marine and Freshwater Aquariums