Chalice Power - Coral Food - Two Little Fishies

Dhs. 71.43

Two Little Fishies - Chalice Power - Coral Food (30g /1oz)

Chalice Power is a blend of dried zooplankton developed to promote the growth of Chalice corals. The formulation is negatively buoyant so that it can be applied directly onto Chalice corals. 

Chalice Power is an ideal food for raising and maintaining Echinopora, Oxypora, Echinophyllia, Mycedium, Pectinia, and other chalice corals.


  • Nutritious negatively buoyant planktonic food
  • For growing Chalice corals
  • For all filter-feeding invertebrates, including clams, sea cucumbers, hard and soft corals, feather dusters, and sea anemones.

Directions: Mix two parts seawater to one part Chalicepower by volume. Target feed with a baster or Julian's Thing. Turn off water circulating pumps temporarily. When mixed with water food is in small particules but is dense and sinks quickly. When this lands on a Chalice coral, it tends to sit on the layer of mucous above the coral tissue. Cilia on the coral surface move the mucous/food mixture into the mouths. After 20 minutes turn the pumps back on to wash away remaining food. Feed daily to weekly. Maximum daily usage for whole tank is 1/4 teaspoon per 12 gallons.