Commercial FloodLight F300-10000K-100 - Maxspect

Dhs. 5,245.24

Maxspect - Commercial FloodLight F300-10000K-100

Maxspect Commercial Floodlight can allow public aquariums and large exhibits to explore the beauty of each exhibition without draining public funding to illuminate properly. 

Maxspect Commercial FloodLight F300-10000K-100 is manufactured to the highest standard for this sector using the best quality U.S. made Cree LED chips only. The curator can select the color temperature that they require for a particular display and the color spectrum specifically to suit your display requirements.

Maxspect commercial floodlights have special reflective material inside similar to metal halide fixtures, this reflects the light from the LED creating a better
blend of the different colors housed within the unit, it also radiates light more efficiently from the fixture and giving better coverage.

The Commercial Flood Light offers wireless and controlled by iOS/Android devices will enable the aquarium to simulate different weather conditions over large
displays such as cloud cover or sunrise/sunset for the ultimate visual experience.


  • Equivalent to 1KW Metal Halide
  • Custom colour temperature
  • Advanced heat sink with thermal tubes for maximizing heat dissipation capacity
  • IP Code: IP65 Waterproof
  • 1-2 LED channels, individually adjustable
  • Wi-Fi controls