Cloud C9 DC Protein Skimmer - Coral Box

Dhs. 2,499.00

Coral Box - Cloud C9 DC Protein Skimmer

The Coral Box Cloud C9 Protein Skimmer with the newly developed barrel body, the bubbles rise in a smooth cloud giving an efficient discharge of the dissolved organic waste, maintaining stable water quality.

More rapid disassembly of the barrel body so that equipment maintenance is no longer a burden.

Smooth water level adjustment with a standing tube rotated to adjust the required skimming height.


  • Cone-shaped Skimmer providing more steady bubble management giving improved efficiency. 
  • New intake silencer device to make it even more silent
  • Jebao DC4000 Pump, fully controllable with the included controller.
  • Required water height  15cm to 30cm.   ( 6″ to 12″ )
  • Easy to place in your sump.


    • Suitable for 750L to 1500L Tank
    • CoralBox DCA4000 Pump
    • Watt : 20W to 38W
    • Power : 110v to 240V 50/60hz
    • Pump Capacitly : 2800 to 4000Litres /hours
    • Size : 270x300x600mm
    • Air Intake over 1450 LHr (double the skimmer air intake for similar size other brand)
    • Water Level Sensor Function to Avoid OverFlow
    • 10/30/50Mins Feed Mode to provides more time for change water and feeding time
    • Auto Drop 2 Speed 1 hours when Feed Mode Pause. It's can avoid overflow when change water or water level not stable
    • 3D Diffuser, different with traditional diffuser, the water will swirl and increase more reactor time