Quiet Pump Plus Series - Coral Box

Coral Box - Quiet Pump Plus Series

The Coral Box QPS is the latest pump from Coral Box. Their smaller profile saves space in your aquarium, and the new controller makes programming your pump quick and easy.

The Coral Box Quiet Pump is a vast improvement on the Jebao pumps. Jebao OW, SW, RW, WP and other Jebao pumps often experience motor failure within 6 months. Coral Box Quiet Pumps eliminate this issue by moving power management from the motor block to the controller.

Our new smart controllers have onboard circuits which adapt to your pump and protect your motor from damage. The new Quiet Pump Plus controllers bring unmatched value and control to your aquarium.

Every QP pump includes an intuitive controller with a built in timer, reverse mode master/slave linking, a light sensor, anti-sync pulsing, sine wave pulsing, and more!

The Coral Box QP Plus has a slimmer profile with an innovative corkscrew output nozzle. That means more room for your corals, and a more dispersed variable flow pattern. The articulating magnet mount allows a wide range of motion so you can aim your pump’s flow where you need it most.