WiFi Dosing Pump WF-04 - Coral Box

Coral Box - WiFi Dosing Pump WF-04 

The Coral Box WiFi Dosing Pump WF-04 is a perfect solution for any reef keeper looking for an affordable, accurate, easy to program dosing pump.

The WiFi Dosing Pump WF-04 is built with a rugged aluminum housing with upgraded dosing heads for improved performance. Each unit comes with built-in wifi and works with a smartphone app right out of the box.

Each pump includes an instruction manual, tubing, a graduated cylinder for calibration, tubing, and mounting screws and tubing holders- basically everything you need to dose except the liquid!

The Coral Box WiFi dosing pump is a smart doser- all you have to do is calibrate it, then set which hours you want it to come on, and how much you want it to dose each day, and it will automatically spread the dose out over each hourly interval. 


  • Smallest Wifi Dosing Pump Controllable via App
  • Accuracy to 0.1mL
  • Easy Programming through your smartphone
  • Alarm Flash if lack of Liquid or system failure
  • Aluminum case to prevent corrosion
  • Internal Duel CPU to provides REAL-Time monitor on the system
  • Auto calculation if power supply sudden failure
  • Smartphone setting can save time for a newbie to setting and more accuracy to prevent input wrong on the traditional LCD dosing pump
  • Ideal for dosing CA / MAG / KH or RO
  • Motor and Tube 1 Year Warranty
  • Mult Language : English / Germany / Spain / Norway / Denmark / French / Sweden / Italy
  • Package include. Calibration tester / 4M PVC tube / 4 Pump Head / Power Supply
  • Power : 110V to 240V 12V 1A 50/60hz
  • Size : 180 x 75 x 70mm