Coralific Delite - Coral Food - Hikari

Hikari - Coralific Delite - Coral Food (35g)

Hikari  Coralific Delite is a revolutionary diet developed for corals and their unique nutritional needs and contains necessary nutrients inverts require, specifically; trace elements, proteins, vitamins, and astaxanthin for vibrant coloration.

Two Modes Of Feeding:

  • Targeted Gel Feeding -  directly on the mouth of a specific coral. Perfect for LPS and Anemones
  • Squirt & Go Feeding - allows the coral polyps to capture the food in the water column like they would zooplankton. Ideal for SPS and small mouth corals

Coralific Delite will not dissolve rapidly or cloud your aquarium water.

Feeding Instructions:

Targeted Gel - Mix two parts tank water to one part Coralific Delite to form a gel. Wait 3 minutes to set then use a dropper to place mixture on the mouth of the coral to be fed. The target feeding method is ideal for many LPS corals and anemones which have larger mouths.

Squirt & Go -Mix four parts tank water to one part Coralific Delite to form a low viscosity liquid with a creamy texture. Use a dropper to squirt food with a slow motion in the vicinity of the corals to be fed. The viscosity can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of tank water. Broadcast feeding is better for corals with smaller mouths like SPS and soft corals.