CristalProfi i100 Greenline - Aquarium Internal Filter - JBL

JBL - CristalProfi i100 Greenline - Aquarium Internal Filter 

The CristalProfi i100 Greenline is a modern, energy-efficient, and comfortably internal filter for aquariums.


  • For clean and healthy aquarium water: internal filter for mechanical and biological filtering – for aquariums from 90 - 160 litres (80-100 cm)
  • Completely ready to connect and equipped with filter materials: connection of wide jet pipe or spray bar to the filter, placement of filter in the aquarium, connection of the power plug
  • Modular design: freely extendable, water outlet pipe rotatable by 90°, large filter volume, suction holders with loosening mechanism, filter empties: dirty water doesn’t flow back into the aquarium, for the use of all filter media, elegantly designed corner shape
  • TUV tested, completely submersible, high energy efficiency and energy saving: 8 W power consumption, 63 % savings, motor technology.
  • Maintenance-free pump: constant circulation, adjustable output: from 300 - 720 l/h


  • Pump output max. 720 l/h
  • Power consumption: 230 V/50Hz, 8 W
  • For Aquaria from 90 up to 160 litres
  • Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 295 mm (length x width x heigth)
  • 3 Filter modules
Suitable for use in any freshwater and saltwater aquarium or any aqua-terrarium (turtle tank)