CYA-NO - Cyanobacteria inhibitor - Triton

Triton - CYA-NO cyanobacteria inhibitor (100ml)

The CYA-NO is created by TRITON's unique scientific work on N-DOC laboratory tests and the TRITON-N-C PV ratio.

CYA-NO is a cyanobacterial inhibitor that inhibits and combats the most common forms of cyanobacteria. It creates an environment that promotes the development of beneficial organisms that interact with cyanobacteria compete.

CYA-NO affects the aquarium system in a safe and natural way by taking the N, I, P, K and B values and influences the N-C-P ratio.

Most importantly, CYA-NO inhibits the growth of cyanobacteria, without any form of An ^ bio ^ ka or aggressive heavy metals.

Safely used with any reef system.