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D&D  - AquaScape - Aquarium Epoxy

The AquaScape is a two-part epoxy putty for use in saltwater and freshwater aquariums and other underwater applications.

AquaScape is very useful, not solely for sticking your corals to a certain position, but also to avoid corals to slide onto each other, or tumble.


  • Bonding rock to rock and making rock bases during aquascaping.
  • Bonding and positioning corals within the aquarium.
  • Fragging corals to frag bases.
  • Making clam bases.
  • Repairing leaking pipework and equipment.

Available Colours:

  • Purple - ASMP002 - Coralline Algae Colour - For marine and reef aquariums.
  • Grey - ASMP003 - Slate Grey Colour- For freshwater aquariums and ponds.