D&D - RowaKalk

Kalkwasser or lime water translated from German, is one of the oldest methods of adding calcium to the reef aquarium. It has proven its use: Corals experience a better and stronger growth, without any side-effects.

ROWAkalk consist of 98.2% of pure calcium hydroxide, for making lime water (kalkwasser) and for use in lime water (kalkwasser) stirrers.

Kalkwasser is a solution made by dissolving calcium hydroxide in water. The resultant fresh solution is alkaline with a pH of 12.4 and contains a ready supply of both calcium ions and carbonate ions.

Both these ions are useful within the aquarium: Carbon to buffer pH levels, and calcium for the corals.

Kalkwasser on its own does not contain any other ions that would result in an imbalance within the aquariums water chemistry. Add the kalkwasser with great care: it is highly reactive with CO2, and can alter the pH levels significantly if not used and controlled properly. Please consider the use of a Kalkwasser stirrer.

We supply ROWAkalk in the following volumes:

  • 300g