True Seawater Refractometer - D&D

Dhs. 262.00

D&D - True Seawater Refractometer

The D&D True Seawater Refractometer is a handheld instrument for the measurement of the TRUE Salinity and Specific Gravity (S.G.) of seawater by refractive index. It is designed and calibrated for the testing of brine solutions, i.e. sodium chloride, and are not calibrated for the refractive index of natural sea water.

  • calibrated for seawater giving true salinity results for aquarium use when correctly calibrated and greater accuracy than previously attainable
  • Feature a copper internal body which conducts heat faster than cheaper aluminium and plastic versions for faster and more accurate auto temperature compensation.
  • Easier to Read
  • Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC)