Illumagic Blaze X - 60cm LED Marine Light - Dalua

Dhs. 2,799.00

Dalua - Illumagic Blaze X - 60cm LED Marine Light

The Illumagic Blaze X LED Marine light is a complete all in one LED light including wireless control and programming as well as individual settings for LED clusters and when using multiple units they integrate into a single light control.

The Blaze X Series is a simple easy to use light providing an ideal spectrum that can be customized for tank lighting requirements whether FOWLR, SPS, or LPS marine tank.

The Dalua Illumagic Blaze X LED lighting system has been fully upgraded with SPS rated brightness and full-spectrum colour control.

The Blaze X series has bluetooth connectivity for easy user experience. One touch upload of settings and live colour testing from within the free downloadable app in the Apple store or Google Play.

Optics and Output

Optics is where Illumagic rise above the rest. With a full optical grade silicone lens, your Illumagic Blaze lenses will NEVER discolor, turn yellow, fade or burn even with extended periods of use and heavy UV spectrum. This also means maximum PAR is always allowed to escape your lighting unit even in years to come. As for the shape of the lenses, Illumagic has gone for a honeycomb design which offers the absolute best in colour blending and rendition of colour and spread throughout your aquarium. 


  • Dimensions - 60cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 4.2cm (H)
  • 6 X 25 watt LED's Clusters
  • Cool white, red, green, blue, royal blue, violet & UV LED's
  • 75 degree silicone optics (removable up to 120 degrees)
  • LED's 400 up to 620nm
  • 9,000k - 20,000k
  • 150 Watt power consumption
  • 7 LED spectrum to control
  • Bluetooth controllability free app download
  • Wireless programming for iPhone and android
  • Optical Lens - Optical grade silicone optics, honeycomb blending



blaze x illumagic cluster marine spectrum


PAR readings below based on the Blaze X 2 foot only
"WITH" lenses top half, "WITHOUT" lenses bottom half

PAR readings for Blaze X-2 foot