Deluxe Reef Sump - AZU 100 - Eshopps

Dhs. 1,427.00

Eshopps - Deluxe Reef Sump AZU 100 

The AZU Deluxe Reef Sump is a new model of under tank aquarium filters from the prodigious purveyor of acrylic aquarium goods, Eshopps. 

 The defining characteristic of the Azu Reef Sump is the clear blue bracing spanning the top which gives the sump body added strength and rigidity, while also sealing up the first and third chambers to reduce noise and evaporation.

The AZU Series enables you to replace your marine tank into overdrive with a Reef Sumps that has many features.


  • Adjustable skimmer water level from 6-11
  • 2 lids to prevent water from splashing
  • Blue bulkhead, PVC Pipe and 7” Micron Bag
  • Translucent blue color bracing
  • Removable tray use for heater or media bag
  • 3 Probe holder
  • 3x .25” holes for dosing lines
  • 2x 1-1/8” holes for return tubing
  • Water level markings allow easy setup of skimmer usage
  • Wire holder

The adjustable protein skimmer chamber with a footprint large enough for 9 by 12 inches. A large baffle inside the second chamber for the protein skimmer can be raised and lowered to change the water height from between six and eleven inches deep.

There is also a removable tray for heaters and media bags, and two holes both for the drain and the return lines going to the tank.

The Eshopps AZU 100 is 24 x 14 x 14 inches, containing a volume of approximately 17 gallons and suitable for tanks up to 100 gallons.